i'm bianca. 17, and this is my lovely girlfriend.
this is where i take off my skin.
i typically engage in a debauchery of color posts, as well as text posts and quotes that mean something to me.

I always want to talk to you. No matter what time it is, where I am, or what I’m doing. I’d drop whatever I’m doing just to have a conversation with you. Why? Simply because I love talking to you. I love how we talk about the most random topics. I love how you know how to keep a conversation going. I love how we lose track of time. IA simple text, or phone call from you can make me smile throughout the whole day. I know it sounds rather silly, but it’s true. You’re on my mind all the time.

Novotroitsk, Russia

Versace SS 15

2am in Harajuku on Valentine’s Day, 2014.

Detail at Manish Arora Spring Summer 2015 | PFW

Glow x

Glow x

photographed by Inna Franco for Ksenia Schnaider